It Matters To Natter

Our lives are full of amazing technology and time saving devices, but we can sometimes forget the difference a simple conversation can make. The sound of another human voice, a smile, the touch of a hand. These are things that make us human.

It Matters To Natter…on this day, just one day out of 365 in a year, we want everyone to wake up with their main goal of the day being to simply ‘Say Hello to Someone New’.

It Matters to Natter originated last year from the West Kent Befriending Service. However, this year we are taking away all of our own branding because this is not about fundraising, awareness or publicity for any particular charity or business. It is simply about trying to raise awareness of the importance of talking to each other, and that is something everyone can get involved with.

Maybe you can chat to a neighbour you have seen but never spoken to, someone standing in a queue in the shops or a colleague at work. It need not be a lengthy conversation but just a smile and hello could be enough to make a difference.

How can you get involved?

Whether you’re an organisation or an individual, you can show your support by making the pledge and helping us spread the word. At the bottom of this page you can download all of the marketing materials you will need. You can display our poster in your shop window, on the staff room noticeboard or even in your car window!

If you want to take the pledge please get in touch to let us know your name and where you are from. We have put together an interactive map so that we can track how far the campaign reaches. To be added to our map simply email

Our social media accounts are also linked below – we would love for you to follow us and use our hashtags #itmatterstonatter #sayhellotosomeonew so that we can share the good work our natterers are doing!

Map of Supporters

If you, or your organisation, would like to take the pledge and be added to our map please email to let us know your name and where you are from.

Download your Supporter Pack

It Matters To Natter Poster

Display our poster where your customers, staff or members of the public are likely to see it and help us spread the word!


Facebook Cover Photo / Email Signature

Add this image to your email signature in the run up to World Friendship Day, place it on your website as a banner or replace your facebook cover photo.