How to make a Referral


If you wish to make a referral either for yourself or a third party, you can contact us initially by phone or by downloading the initial enquiry form here and emailing it to us.  Our administrator will then contact you for some more details and let you know the next step.

If you are making a referral on behalf of someone else, please ensure you have their permission to do so.
You will be asked to decide which area of befriending is most applicable to the applicant.

  • Befriending for an older person
  • Befriending for an older person living with dementia
  • Befriending for an older person with mental health issues

Once the initial application has been received, the administrator will pass it on to a staff member who will arrange a suitable time to make a home visit

What happens next?

A member of staff will contact you and arrange a time to visit you in your own home.  You are very welcome to have a friend or relative with you if you wish. We will be able to explain more about the Befriending Service and how it might be of benefit to you.  We will also tell you about our Volunteer Befrienders, how they are selected and how we go about introducing a new friend to you.

When we have identified a suitable Volunteer Befriender we will return to see you and bring your new friend too.  We can then discuss the date of the next visit and how long each visit will be expected to last.  On average we suggest once a week for about one to two hours but please be aware this can vary depending on the Volunteer’s availability.  We try as much as possible to keep the same Volunteer with you so that the friendship can flourish and grow.

Some Members’ Testimonials


What a wonderful service the befriending service is. It has made such a difference to me to have someone call and just let me talk. Living alone it is such a wonderful service for me – very many thanks.


I don’t get many visitors and I look forward to Jo visiting. I can talk to her like an old friend. We go out for a drive on odd times and that I enjoy as I don’t drive.